Posted on 18 April, 2016

Need to stop work due to illness or injury like Nancy?

If you need to stop work due to illness or injury you need to check with your Super company to see if you have any insurance. You’re Money Management Worker can help you do this. If you have income protection or Temporary or Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance your Money Management Worker can get a Financial Counsellor to help you put in a claim. Claims are very time consuming so you have to be patient. They can take anywhere from 6 to18 months to finalise and require a lot of paperwork from you as well as doctors and employers, but it’s often worth the wait. We helped Nancy put it an income protection claim and she now receives a payment every month. As she can no longer work, has to stay in Darwin and has been put on a disability support pension this monthly payment helps her to fly home to Minjilang to visit her family. So remember, if you need to stop work due to an accident or illness call your superannuation company or go and see your local Money Management Worker and they’ll help you

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