Posted on 20 February, 2017

Lost Super Found!!!

Do you have lost super? Have you kept track of all your super? If you've ever changed your name, address, job, or done casual or part-time work, you may have lost track of some of your super.

You can check your super by setting up a myGov account, but sometimes you may need a bit of other help that HK can provide.

On a recent visit to Warruwi, Siana was able to help an elderly client who presented with a letter from the Australian Tax Office (ATO) advising they were unable to conduct a lost super search as her date of birth did not match their records.

After speaking with several consultants at ATO we discovered what the problem was - the ATO had the wrong date of birth recorded.

Siana was able to get the ATO to confirm her correct date of birth over the phone using her birth certificate. Then they could do a super search which found two super accounts that our client did not know she had, totaling $36,000!!

Siana gathered up the clients ID and completed the withdrawal forms and she should receive her funds within four weeks.

Then it was time to discuss how she was planning on spending her money, including planning for some savings as this is the last of her superannuation. She decided to save half and to use the other half to buy a boat for her and her family to go fishing as well as a second hand car for her son.

Our client was so happy to find out she had these lost super accounts and that Siana would send off all the forms and ID for her.

If you are in West Arnhem and want help setting up a myGov account to help find lost super talk to HK next time we are in your community or give us a call on 1800 728 508

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