Posted on 14 June, 2016

Sinead’s Ongoing Professional Development

The following has been written by Sinead Spicer – Financial Capability Worker

“I find Professional Development (PD) extremely useful as it is constantly improving my knowledge which helps me excel in my job, and helps me to deliver a better service to my clients. Being offered to improve my PD makes me feel valued as an employee and shows that my manager is always looking for ways to help us improve ourselves. Below are two examples of opportunities I’ve had to attend PD sessions in the last month.

This year, the Financial Counselling Australia Conference was held in Adelaide. This was the first year they had a specific concurrent session for Financial Capability Workers (FCW). Our team attended these sessions and found it really useful. We did a lot of interactive activities with the other FCW, and got to hear from them about the specific issues in their town/cities/communities and the different resources they use. We picked up some tips from the other organisations that we can use in our work here in the NT.

I attended a 14 hour, accredited Mental Health First Aid course (Youth), run by the MHFA Australia Team, sponsored by Team Health NT. I found this course extremely interesting! In the financial capability role there are times when our team may be working with clients that have mental health issues, so this course has given me extra skills to be able to recognise and assess these health issues and information on where to refer them to for help.”

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